Genealogy Research for Beginners - How to start your family tree, learn about family history and find your ancestors! Free printable genealogy charts and forms, understanding census records, etc..

Genealogy Research for Beginners

  • Genealogy Tips for Beginners

  • Learn how to get started in Genealogy! Do you want to start searching for your family history but don't know where to begin? Here are a few beginners tips to help you get started on your quest for ancestors and learning about your family history.

  • Family History Stories

  • Family history can give both interesting clues in genealogy research and thought provoking tales from the past. Some are amusing or poignant, but never dull. These glimpses into our family history enrich our lives and is one thing that makes genealogy so fun.

  • Symbols in Genealogy

  • Have you ever seen a symbol or initial on a old family document and wondered what it meant? This list will help you understand just what they were talking about!

  • Genealogy Research, Census Records and Family Health

  • Have you ever seen where a whole family was wiped out around the same time? This list of epidemics may hold the clue to the tragedies in family history.

  • Old Maps

  • In learning about your family history an old map can sometimes be your key reference & finding aid.

  • Social Security Numbers for Genealogy Research

  • Use this Social Security number chart to help find the location of your ancestor.

    Genealogy Fun Stuff


    Genealogy Poems and Quotes
    Beautiful poems, quotes and fun sayings for family photo albums and scrapbooks.

    Planning A Family Reunion
    Planning a family reunion can be lots of fun! With a just little planning you can have a great family reunion and fill in the blanks in your family tree!

    Research Aids

    Printable Genealogy Charts and Forms
    Recording Your Efforts: Genealogy Research Checklist - Family Group Sheet - Pedigree Chart
    Now that you have gathered your family history, it's time to make a record of you family tree. We have printable charts, forms and templates to to help you get organized and document your information for future generations.



    family tree workbookUnpuzzling Your Past. the Best-Selling Basic Guide to Genealogy. Fourth Edition. Expanded, Updated and Revised

    Genealogists, whether beginning or experienced, will add to their success with this time saving research planner and organizer. The book includes 21 new and 21 revised genealogy forms, fascinating illustrations from actual research, and tips to help searchers write effective genealogy letters. With this book, genealogists will keep their work on track and their records accurate, thorough, and in one place.




    How do you spell genealogy, geneology, geneaolgy, geaneology, geaneolgy, geniology, geneaology, genelogy , genology, genialogy, geneolgy?
    I have misspelled it many times, so don't feel bad if you get it wrong!!
    You can always just say, My Family History or My Family Tree!

    Genealogy Research on the Internet Search Tip:

    Now you don't have to spend hours pouring over long family history documents and ancestor pedigrees, let your PC's search feature do it for you!!

    When searching documents on the internet -- on your keyboard hit control and f and fill in a name or keyword. The find window will search the page and highlight the names for you! Keep clicking on the find button and it will scroll over each highlighted name.


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