Celebrate all year long and make every day special with a monthly holiday calendar, fun holiday facts, seasonal activities, family friendly holiday movies, holiday entertaining, kids fun pages and more!

Holidays and Traditions

Holiday Date Calendar

A month by month calendar with dates of holidays, National - Federal holidays, flowers and birthstones of each month.

Calendar Facts, History and Fun Trivia

Fun facts about the origins of our calendar, how the months were named, names of the days of the week, trivia and more.

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday
Relax and enjoy the holiday season and seasonal activities.

Wedding Anniversary Years
A year by year anniversary gift meaning, traditional and modern.


Celebrate Country Holidays!

Celebrate America!
American pride is not just for Veterans day, Memorial day and the 4th of July! Patriotic quotes and poems, info on U.S. Flag, quotes from founding fathers, patriotic graphics, and more!

Quotes of Our Founding Fathers
See what our founding fathers had to say about our great nation, the United States of America.

Patriotic Quotes and Poems
Quotes and poems about our American flag and nation.

America, why I love Her
John Wayne's poem about America.

Patriotic Victory Garden
Would you like to plant a patriotic themed garden but not sure what flowers to choose for each color of the flag? This guide will help in choosing red, white and blue flowers.


Memories of Halloween past

A quick tip I would like to share: One year when my boys were little, I made a dress up box for them as a Christmas gift. After Halloween, when everything went on sale, I bought lots of goodies for their box. I got clown wigs and suspenders, eye patches, hats of all kinds, bow ties, capes, badges, funny noise makers, etc... I put all of this into a big plastic tub and it was one of their gifts from Santa. I cannot tell you how much fun they had through the years with this inexpensive gift!! Even when big kids came to visit with their parents, the first thing they headed for was the dress up box. They put on plays, made up stories and had a great time playing "make believe." It was one of the best gifts I ever gave and they still talk about how much fun they had with it!!


Country Christmas

Celebrate a Country Christmas - Tumbleweed snowmen, Christmas crafts for our woodland friends, a Texas Christmas

Christmas, Texas style
We wish you a Merry Texmas!

Winter Wildlife
Try some of these fun crafts for kids of all ages. Help feed our winter wildlife friends.

Christmas Memories
When you grow up in Southern California, you do not have snow at Christmas. But, you can have a snowman!!

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