Howdy! I hope you enjoy the wisdom on homemaking gathered from the incredible women
I have know, family and friends - all who believe in enjoying life and living it to its fullest.

"Life is so full of interesting things,
I am sure we should all be as happy as kings."

Country Living

Take a break, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax for awhile. You can laugh at some country humor, find homemaking tips, check on the weather.


Homemaking Tips
Grandma knew how to do most anything, or so it seemed. She was full of country wisdom and here are just a few of her homemaking tips.

Tips on Getting Organized

lol, I know it is a lot easier said than done but if you start slowly, and work on one area at a time - it will get easier to keep up.

Keeping Snakes Out of Your House and Garage
I know snakes have a purpose in the world - I just don't want them in my house!

Chickens in the Backyard? Why sure!
Keeping chickens is both fun and rewarding. Nothing beats having fresh eggs and they help keep bugs out of the garden. It is easy to raise your own if you know what to do. Stop by the "hen house" for some tips on the care and feeding of chickens.

Backyard Wildlife - Feeding Wintering Birds and Wildlife
Ideas and crafts for winter activities to help make this season easier for backyard birds, squirrels, opossums and other wildlife.

Country Humor
Enjoy the lighter side of living in the country with our country humor.

WeatherVanes in America
A nostalgic look back at Weathervanes in America.

Weather Poems and Weather Trivia
Do you live for the nightly weather report? Well, why wait? My son, the resident "weather man" has gathered together some weather trivia for all seasons.


All About Texas Country!


Travelin Texas
Travelin' Texas, is an old cowboy's dream... I hope you enjoy these pictures of Texas that capture why we love our great state!

The cow parade came to Houston!! Cow Parade, a mooving celebration of cows, cities and artists. Come visit the CowParade herd for whimsical fun!

Free Family Fun in Houston, Texas
Great and educational activities for free! Go with your family or plan a home school field trip.

Country HomeschoolCountry Homeschool

Texas home school resources for home education, books and homeschooling.

country home

Country Garden

Come into my garden! You never know what I might be up to: making a habitat for the critters, planting some flowers, feeding the chickens or even reading a gardening book!


Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Its not hard to have your own wildlife sanctuary. It takes only a few steps to attract birds, butterflies and small mammals for your viewing pleasure. And you get to give back to them what "progress" has taken away. Learn how to turn your backyard or patio into an oasis for the wildlife and birds.

Hummingbirds and how to attract them
Gardening to attract hummers, the flowers they love and feeding them. Hummingbirds in the garden are such a delight! It is not hard to attract hummingbirds and well worth the effort!

Plant a Victory Garden - patriotic red, white and blue flowers!
Would you like to plant a patriotic themed garden but not sure what flowers to choose for each color of the flag? This guide will help in choosing red, white and blue flowers.

Seasonal Gardening
Would you like to plant a garden that will be lovely all season but not sure what flowers to choose from? This guide will help in choosing flowers for beautiful blooms throughout the growing season.

Growing Strawberries
Home-grown, vine-ripened strawberries are among the garden's supreme treats- sweet, succulent, and bursting with flavor.

Growing Wildflowers
If you are longing for a garden that takes care of itself and invites birds and butterflies to stop, Wildflowers are for you!

Guide to Rose Varieties
Most everyone loves Roses, but are not sure which variety is best to plant.

Floral & Herbal Bath Tea
You have been working hard, so why not do something nice for yourself? Have fun with this craft and treat yourself to a natural bath! (or make for a neat gift) These bath tea recipes for floral and herbal will leave you soothed and scented.


How many different flowers can you find
in a Texas country garden?
Bluebonnets and Buttercups,
Indian Paintbrush and Azaleas,
Four little Mourning Doves all in a row,
Oh, it's all so divine, the things that you will find
In a Texas country garden!

Jelley Jar Country Home - and TM April 1998